Seriously, how does a person change their story?

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I’m nearly old.

Middle aged, really…but nearly old.

When I was young, sometimes I would wonder about being old…how I would be, you know.

One grandmother of mine liked the spotlight, and would do rather crazy things to stay in the spotlight. She was Grandma. The other grandmother was stern, hard, and scary. She lived a long time and was stern, stern, stern. We called her Little Grandma. Probably her name should have been Stern.

Thinking about doing ‘old’ with Grandma and Little Grandma as models…well, I couldn’t seem to make either one fit my heart.

But then there was Angel.  She sat beside her husband on the fourth pew, left side, every Sunday.  She was lovely, with peaceful written on her face and kindness melting out her eyes. And while I couldn’t tell you a single thing she did every day that she lived, I wanted to be just like her when I was old.

And now that I’m almost old, I remember Angel.  And Angel reminds me of the dreams I had when I was young, and how it was going to be.

And I think about how long change has been sitting on that dusty shelf, just waiting. Things promised, things hoped, things to make the story different.

Donald Miller says stories can be changed, endings can be different, journeys can be rerouted.  It’s true, he really says that…and has even published a workbook so everyman can try and change their story. His book, called Storyline, gives hope.

So I bought his book…because I don’t want to get old without changing some things.

My next thirty days will be about changing.

I’ve made a list. The list is what the work will be.  The list will be on this blog.

Thirty Days to Change Your Story…


2 thoughts on “Seriously, how does a person change their story?

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